nana nini nono

my name is nana, but you can also call me ohana.
i go by he/him pronouns, and i am brazilian.
i was born on 31 october 98, that type stuff of mine is isfp and isfj. i have sun on scorpio, moon on pisces, rising on virgo.


ioi, since 2015
iu, since 2018
lali, since 2009
gfriend, since 2015
lua blanco, since 2010
akdong musician, since 2015


exid, since 201?
suzy, since 201?
hyuna, since 2017
chae soobin, since 2016
kim yoojung, since 2017


loona, since 2017
dawn, since 2017
twice, since 2016
davichi, since 201?
girl's day, since 201?
oh my girl, since 2016


kdramas while you are sleeping
series doctor who, friends, steven universe
movies legend of the guardians, zootopia, moana
animes eureka 7, fate series and love live (only μ's)

if i talk about something

here i want to explain what i am seeing and things like that so you can have a good base of what you are going to see on my account

doctor who: i already watched til the s7e11 and i have s11 (completed), and i watched 3 eps of the 12th doctor.

beside that, i am watching:
clean with passion for now: ep 10
the good doctor: s1e18 ⠂the good place: s3e12
stranger things: s1e9 ⠂modern family: s8e16
elementary: s6e1⠂blindspot: s3e8
this is us: s2e1 ⠂lucifer: s3e15
kimmy: s2e6 ⠂su: s5e32

and on the animeworld:
phantom in the twilight: ep 2 ⠂satsuriku no tenshi: ep 2
sanjou no holmes: ep 2 ⠂harukana receive: ep 2
hataraku saibou: ep 2 ⠂asobi asobase: ep 2
angolmois: ep 4 ⠂persona 5: ep 5
rokuhoudou yotsuiro biyori: ep 6
sao: alternative gun gale: ep 7

yes, i watch TOO many things so if you want to know what i already finished, click here for series/dramas and here for animes